Katsu chicken bowl recipe with boiled egg and Wakame

Katsu Chicken Bowl with Furikake


This is an easy and nutritious family favourite full of colour and flavour.


Serves 4


1.5 cups sushi rice

2 x large crumbed chicken fillets / schnitzel

Slaw mix (bought or just shred up some cabbage and carrot)

4 x eggs

Pickled ginger

1 x small handful fresh Corriander

1 x handful dried Wakame

1 x lebanese cucumber - sliced

Furikake (or if not on hand just sesame seeds will do)

Tonkatsu sauce

1 x tablespoon Sesame oil

2 x tablespoons Mirin



Get your sushi rice cooking and and hard boil the eggs, then cool and shell them, slice in half, sprinkle some sea salt and pepper over them

Hydrate wakame in cold water for ten mins, then rinse and wring dry before chopping up.

 Mix sesame oil and mirin in a small cup.

 Fry the chicken until cooked through and slice up.

Place bed of slaw on one side of the bowl and add your eggs, cucumber, ginger, wakame on and around it and drizzle mirin dressing over top. Place your cooked rice on the other side of the bowl, place the sliced chicken on top and pour Tonkatsu sauce over the chicken and rice.

Sprinkle coriander over everything then Furikake (or sesame seeds).



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