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Delicious and nutritious!

The highly talented Fiona Hammond, author of Gather, has made several delicious dishes with our seaweed, including this Udon Wakame Bone Broth, created especially for our friends at Torello Farm.

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What we do

We established Southern Seagreens in order to grow the most nutritious and sustainable food we can. Seaweed requires no soil, fresh water or fertilisers. It’s a zero-input crop and it's packed with protein and nutrients important for human health. It draws down impressive volumes of carbon and improves the marine eco-system as it grows.

We're growing native kelp on our sea farm at Flinders and we dive for Wakame (an introduced but very high quality kelp) in southern Port Phillip Bay. Removing Wakame helps to re-establish native kelp populations that have been under pressure from invasive sea urchins and increasing water temperatures.

We're a small-scale outfit focused on producing very high quality seaweed products for home consumers and foodservice. You can call us 0431 926 286 or drop us a line here to chat about commercial supply. We offer bulk packs for foodservice customers.