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Dried Wakame - Seaweed Superfood (30g)

Dried Wakame - Seaweed Superfood (30g)

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Hand-harvested Australian Wakame.

Kelp is known as the superfood of the sea for good reason. It's packed with vitamins and minerals important for human health including iodine, magnesium, iron, calcium, folate and vitamins A, C, E and K.

We wild-harvest Wakame in Victorian waters as it's a very high quality kelp but also an introduced (and invasive) species here. Removing it helps our native kelp to re-establish. It's been struggling in recent times due to climate change and invasive sea urchins.

Wakame has traditionally been eaten in salad or miso soup, but can be easily added to omelettes, fritters, pasta sauce, poke, almost anything really. You can flash fry some blades for a few seconds to make delicious umami chips that you can sprinkle over all sorts of dishes. Or hydrate desired amount in water for a few minutes where it will expand by about six times the volume. Then rinse and squeeze excess water out and chop up and add it to your other ingredients for baked or fried dishes.

If you notice white deposits on some of the Wakame blades in the pack, you're in luck. This is a naturally occurring amino acid called glutamate which gives seaweed its unique umami flavour.

Take a look at our recipes page for inspiration (we'll be adding more very soon). And if you come up with a great recipe with our Wakame we'd love to hear about it!

Make friends with kelp. Good for you, me and the sea.

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Customer Reviews

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Natalie Dash
New super ingredient for our famous family Brew/soup

This wonderful Dried Wakame Seaweed Superfood has just completed our family’s famous lamb shank soup. The wakame has added a sweetness to the brew - with compliments from all the family! Can’t wait to try the dried wakame with our stews next time. Remember to stock up before winter comes around!

Great quality

Hooray! Home made seaweed salad. This is superb quality and expands so much. Super delicious. Not too strong and great texture. So excited now I don't live anywhere I can buy seaweed salad. I'm using the furikake and dash of the smoked kelp on it too. Delicious!

Anna D
Very good quality Wakame

Best tasting Wakame I have cooked with yet. Highly recommended!