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We are a small-scale outfit focused on producing the most nutritious and flavourful seaweed products possible. We are a registered food manufacturer (with MP Shire) and gently air-dry all our seaweed in dedicated drying facilities at our warehouse in Dromana. We offer Victorian Dried Wakame and powders in bulk formats for chefs and we'll have dried Giant Kelp (native species that we grow at our sea farm at Flinders) available soon.

*Note we are now out of stock of bulk Dried Wakame Blades until the new season kicks off late in July 2024. We do have stock of Ground Wakame and Smoked Kelp Dust.

Dried Wakame Blades

  • Available in 100g PET bags and 1kg or 2kg refillable barrels
  • Hand-harvested in southern Port Phillip Bay
  • Dried to less than 0.6 water activity for stability
  • Back in stock as the new season starts in winter 2024.
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Southern Seagreens ground kelp powder Wakame for humans

Smoked Kelp Dust

  • Available in 100g pouches
  • 100% Victorian kelp smoked on-site with dried local tea tree then ground to a fine dust.
  • Umami flavour bomb
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Australian Dried Wakame Seaweed Powder

Ground Wakame

  • Available 100g pouches
  • Hand harvested in southern Port Phillip Bay
  • Ground to a fine powder
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Contact Us

For pricing and orders you can contact Cam directly on 0431 926 286, via email at or via our Foodservice & Wholesale Enquiry form.